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A Year of Being Vegan

Today is a big day for me as it marks my one-year anniversary of becoming a vegan.  What started out as a six-week trial run that only my husband knew about has become a complete one-eighty of how I not only view food and animals, but how I view the world. Quite simply, it has changed my life.

I first wrote about why I became vegan after the six-week period was up and I knew I wasn’t going to go back to eating meat and dairy.  As I’ve said before, it was a no-brainer once I began to understand the issues.  Today I re-read what I first wrote almost a year ago about my “coming out” and with the exception of one sentence that I no longer feel the same towards (I’ve since updated the post to reflect this), nothing has changed. That is good news and bad news.  Good news because it has only strengthened my resolve to share my experience with others but bad news for the millions of animals who continue to toil away in factory farms and slaughterhouses with no choice in the matter. Continue reading

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What’s More Drastic?

Last week there was a story in the news that Canada’s “demand” for Bariatric (weight-loss) surgery has increased from 1,600 surgeries in 2006/07 to 6,000 surgeries in 2012/2013. The cost of the 6,000 surgeries was $48 million dollars.  In addition to the surgery costs are the annual costs to treat obesity-related conditions such diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer, a price that currently sits between $4.6 and $7.1 billion dollars per year. According to the article, a recent study predicts that roughly 21 percent of Canadians will be obese by 2019 – a mere 5 years from now. Continue reading

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