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Animals and the Restaurant Industry

Next month I’m signed up to renew my Food Handler’s Certificate here in Toronto.  It’s not a difficult course – it’s one day of training with a multiple choice exam at the end.  Once you pass, you get a little card and pin and the Certificate is valid for five years.  The point of the course is to learn proper food handling, e.g., required cooking temperatures, how to avoid cross-contamination, how to store foods properly, and so on.  It’s a useful thing to have should I ever return to the restaurant industry and this will be my fourth time taking it but my first as a vegan.  It’ll be an interesting day in that over half of it will be spent learning the proper techniques for preparing and cooking dead animal parts. Yay. Continue reading

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Speaking Up for Animals

Last week Julian and I were in Winnipeg visiting my family.  We had a great week and before I get to the story I wanted to share with you, I have to give a shout out to two great restaurants we dined at several times while we were there. One is Boon Burger, an all-vegan burger place that we first tried last year when we went to Winnipeg.  We ate there three times last week and the food and service was just as excellent as it was last time.  There is also a Boon Burger just outside of Toronto in Barrie that a friend took us to a few weeks ago and I’m pleased to say we have now eaten at every Boon Burger location in Canada!  Okay, so there are only three at the moment but still, they have consistently great food and as a vegan, it’s always a thrill to be able to choose any item from a menu and not have to read the fine print.  It’s an added bonus to be able to look at the picture of a cow on the wall and know that the animal’s image is not a euphemism for ground up flesh but rather to celebrate them just as they are – whole, living beings. Continue reading

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