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“The Truth is a Stubborn Thing.”

Shortly after going vegan in 2013, I definitely went through a phase of intense anger.  I was angry that I had been lied to my entire life about how animals were treated on “farms” and I was angry with the healthcare system for not informing me of the health risks of meat and dairy sooner.  What most angered me (and still does) was that I had to find out all of this on my own.  If I hadn’t met a vegan who challenged me to question what I’d been previously told on these matters, I’d probably still be an ill-informed and unhealthy person, trying another fad diet, still falling for the “humane” labels on meat products and blindly taking whatever my doctor prescribed. Continue reading

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In Case You Needed Another Reason

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was renewing my Food Handler Certificate this month in the event that I ever work as a cook again.  The one-day course is to teach the essentials of proper cooking temperatures, storing, etc., as correct food prep and practices can go a long way in preventing food-borne illnesses. It also covers personal hygiene, kitchen cleanliness and other areas that can impact public health but it mainly focuses on the food.  Here’s a quick fun fact for you: over half of food-borne illness occur from food cooked in the home and over 75 percent of food-borne illnesses are a result of inadequate temperature control. Continue reading

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