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The Butchering of a Pig, The Rationalizing of a Human

There are a few feminist websites I read regularly and Jezebel Magazine is one of them. Here’s a headline that greeted me the other day as I was taking my daily stroll through their site:

“I Fulfilled a Lifelong Dream and Butchered a Pig.”

First, in the words of Oprah Winfrey as told in a story by actor Alan Cumming: “You gotta get bigger dreams.”

Second, in my experience and despite the stereotype, vegans don’t offend easily (if cognitive dissonance levels were measured like radiation when it comes to animal suffering, we’d never leave the house). It’s not easy to shock us because we’re basically appalled daily by the staggering contradictions of animal treatment in our world. Continue reading

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Stop Pinning Your Animal-Eating Guilt On Vegans

Or in the words of Madonna:

“I’m not your bitch
don’t hang your shit on me.”

Today I read – to use a term Animal Rights lawyer Camille Labchuk used for it – an utterly perverse story about firefighters in England who rescued 18 baby piglets (and 2 mother sows) from a barn fire in February and on Monday the farm’s manager served those same piglets – in the form of sausages – to the firefighters as a thank you.  Both the farm and the fire service station posted their “gift” to social media although the Fire Station has since removed their post and apologized when PETA, vegans, and activists pushed back. Continue reading

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Making Animals Visible Again

I’ve been out of a job for nearly three weeks now and the upside of that is it’s allowed me the chance to do more activism.  I had a job interview on Monday and though I’m still actively looking for work, I’ve welcomed this time to get out there and do some of the things I couldn’t do when I was working full-time. One of those things was attending slaughterhouse vigils with Toronto Pig Save, an animal rights group here in Toronto.

I don’t want to assume everyone knows what vigils are so here it is: vigils consist of standing outside slaughterhouses, on public property, and watching the animals marked for slaughter come in on trucks. The purpose is to document what is happening to them with photos and videos, and to also raise awareness by holding informative signs visible to the public driving or walking by. Inspired by the writings of Leo Tolstoy, “bearing witness” to the suffering of another living being is a powerful act: it is upsetting, yes, but when you see it with your own eyes, and happening in your own city, it does push you to do more. The pain you feel from seeing suffering up close also becomes the force that drives you to keep going. A double-edged sword, to be sure, but one I feel honoured to carry. Continue reading

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This is the World We’re Living In

This morning in Burlington, a city located about an hour’s drive west of Toronto, a truck overturned on a side road.  The truck was headed to Fearmans Pork plant, a slaughterhouse that “processes” around 10,000 pigs per day.  The driver suffered minor injuries and as of this posting, police are still investigating what exactly caused the crash.

The truck was carrying approximately 180 pigs and 40 were confirmed to have died as a result of the crash.  The over 100 pigs that survived were either euthanized on the spot or, if they were “lucky” enough to still be able to walk after having already endured being in a steel trailer that flipped with them inside of it, were – unbelievably – walked the remaining distance to their deaths. Since their ultimate destination was Fearmans anyway, the company decided it wouldn’t be worth changing trucks for and instead had its employees herd the bloodied, injured and scared pigs to an even greater terror. Continue reading

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We Can’t Have It Both Ways

I’ve mentioned before that I battle depression from time to time and that’s where I’ve been for the past three weeks, with my head stuck in some dark clouds. Thankfully, the clouds always/eventually clear and I’m starting to turn the corner once more. Thanks for your patience and for still checking in to this blog while I was missing in action.  Let’s get to the animals, shall we?

Late last month, I read an article with the following headline:

“Pigs Help Shed Light On How Humans Decompose Deep Under the Pacific Ocean.”

Obviously this was an article on animals used in research, the practice of which is rarely questioned so long as it’s deemed to benefit humans in some way.  The story was also predictable in another form: rationalizing the use of animals by adopting the they’re-just-like-us! attitude, a convenient admission that is normally scoffed at when activists or vegans dare to voice that same possibility. Continue reading

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Bacon Revolt

Here’s a trend that seems to be on the rise and one that’s been pissing me off for a while now: the baconization of everything.  Poutine?  Let’s put some fucking bacon on it.  Ice cream?  Let’s add some bacon!  Today at the mall I even saw a board game called “Bacon-opoly” and wanted to set fire to the entire display stand.  But what really set me off was last night when I was trying a new recipe that called for a tablespoon of maple syrup.  I added the amount, then licked the spoon (as you do) and immediately noticed that the syrup did not taste right.  I looked at the jar and nearly hit the ceiling: the reason it tasted differently was it was actually “Smoky Bacon Flavoured Maple Syrup”.  I was livid.  Livid at myself for not noticing sooner (I’d been making smoothies with this garbage all weekend, poured directly into the blender), livid at the store for charging the same amount as actual pure maple syrup and finally at food manufacturers for adding animal by-products to yet another item that was just fine on its own, fuck you very much. Continue reading

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