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The Lies We’re Sold

I’ve always been fascinated by marketing and advertising.  As a kid I can remember looking at the subway ads as I rode the train with my mom and being mesmerized by them.  I would study them intently and try to figure out what the ads were for.  My dad worked in advertising for years and I’m sure that also added to my interest.  It wasn’t until high school when I took a Marketing class one year that a great teacher by the name of Mr. Roth really opened my eyes up to how marketing worked and encouraged his students to critically think about what companies were actually selling through their jingles, logos and products. There were lessons from Mr. Roth’s class I still think of today when I see ads, studying and dismantling their message in my head.

I still find marketing interesting although 95% of it just pisses me off now, in particular the kind with laughing cartoon animals promoting their dead selves as product. But even the most obnoxious ads for a restaurant’s rib or seafood fest still do not enrage me as quickly or as ferociously as a health organization endorsing animal products to prevent disease and promote public health when that organization’s major corporate partner is the very industry that sells said product.  It bothers me is when it is also happens to be an assful of lies. Continue reading

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It’s Not Just a Personal Choice

Since becoming vegan, and as any other vegan can attest to, this is a common response I get when I tell people I don’t eat animals or their by-products:

“Well, it’s a personal choice.”

Not, “Why are you a vegan?” or “How long have you been a vegan?” or “Tell me about being vegan” (God, I would fall off my chair if anyone ever asked me that last one). Nope. Instead it’s the old “personal choice” standby, a statement that not only declares my (presumed) position on the matter but theirs as well, conveniently leaving very little room for any further discussion and effectively shutting the conversation down.

So, I’d like to clarify a few things. Continue reading

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