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Willful Ignorance is the Real Crime

Yikes – it’s been nearly three months since I’ve written a blog post. There’s been no good reason for it, although I did start a new job two weeks ago so my schedule has changed quite a bit.  Mainly my lack of writing has been a combination of procrastination and feeling overwhelmed. One thing I am never far from as a vegan is the awareness of animal suffering. It’s everywhere – in ads, in movies, in conversation, and yet their suffering is made invisible through euphemisms (e.g., “pork” and “beef”) or conveniently ignoring animals as the original victim despite humans often claiming to know how it feels to suffer as they do (e.g., “we were treated like animals”).  Sometimes I go through bouts of not being able to process any of it at all, feeling completely incapacitated by the sheer scale of the issues surrounding animals and their current place of value and low priority in our world. Continue reading

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Economy Over Cruelty

My birthday is this month and in lieu of gifts this year, I’ve decided to do a fundraiser on behalf of Mercy for Animals (MFA).  There used to be a branch of MFA in Canada but it was rolled in with the U.S. last year, where MFA’s headquarters are.  Ordinarily I’d prefer to give to an organization specific to the country I reside in but MFA is still a presence in Canada, in much the same way People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is: they do not physically have an office here but they work closely with activists and other organizations who can still represent them.

One of the first things I learned when I went vegan in 2013 was that many animal rights organizations do not issue tax receipts for donations made here in Canada. I didn’t think much of it at the time since I’ve never found charitable receipts to make much difference on my tax return and it’s not the reason I donate anyway. It wasn’t until I tried to find a job working for an animal rights organization in Canada that I discovered this was the case for almost all of them, unless the organization focused strictly on rescuing and caring for animals we don’t wear, eat, hunt or use for some other purpose (e.g., feral cats and stray dogs).  But still I didn’t give it much thought since I understood charitable status –  status that is issued by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) – as just that: charity. Rescue and relief was one thing, advocacy and prevention was another.  As long as you were only easing suffering and not actively trying to prevent it, you could be a registered as a charity in Canada.  Continue reading

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To Be Free

Further to my last post about the mink and fox fur farm in Quebec that is currently under investigation for animal cruelty, someone decided that the response by the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks wasn’t good enough. The Ministry’s decision to “leave the animals where they were” – trapped, starving, injured and stressed – did not sit well with one brave soul who snuck onto the farm, on what I gather from the articles was Tuesday night, and opened the cages of some of the animals. The number of animals freed seems to vary: one report indicates 1,000 mink and another says 3,000.   Continue reading

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Fur Farm

In the event that people are still under the impression that Canadian government bodies would not allow abused animals to continue living in squalid conditions or endure continued suffering, look no further than a fur farm in the southwest region of Montérégie, Quebec.  Five days ago, several news outlets reported that a farm in St-Hyacinthe, which has about 100 foxes and nearly 10,000 mink being bred for their fur, was under investigation by Quebec’s Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. Continue reading

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