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What is an Animal’s Life Worth?

I’m grateful to have other vegans in my life.  It might sound silly but you need support as a vegan. Knowing what animals endure at any given moment and not being able to talk about it with most people can make for some lonely days. Surrounded by constant reminders and references to animals mostly in their deceased form makes for a strange setting once you learn to see them as whole beings.  You need to be able to exhale once and awhile, and to be around others who understand the truth of how animals are treated.

Some animals, like dogs and cats, are beloved by their keepers, housed by loving owners who spend whatever they need to for their pets to be healthy, safe and happy.   Other dogs and cats are discarded if they don’t behave, or fail to meet an expectation they are likely not even aware has been placed upon them. Continue reading

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Living in the Gap

When I watch a film on animal rights or read certain books, I sometimes get what I call a “heart hangover.”  I call it a hangover because it usually comes the following day, after my binge is over and my body is finally able to process what it has taken in. The next day I often wake up with a heaviness in my chest and I am very aware of the weight in my heart.  I move about the day slowly and maybe watch a comedy to cleanse the mental palate, gradually returning to a state of function.  At some point in the day, after the worst of the hangover has passed, the tears well up and I allow myself a few minutes to grieve for what my eyes have seen.  I take that time to quietly weep for the animals who continue to suffer as I sit on the edge of my bed, feeling the softness of the mattress underneath me, knowing that billions of them will never experience anything close to such comfort or quiet. Continue reading

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