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I gave this blog some minor refreshing over the holidays – adjusted the colours a bit, updated the About page, and streamlined the Recipes page for easier reading. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t in a while.

Believe it or not, my goal when I started this blog was to post short, concise pieces on various topics around animal suffering.  HA!  So far, my shortest piece was 337 words and it was my very first post. Since then my average posts are around 800 words, with my longest one being 2,663 words.  Whoops! Granted, some topics require more in-depth writing, especially when I’m quoting other people but nevertheless, I would like to try to challenge myself to say more with less. Starting now!

Last week there was a news story about a woman in Prince Edward Island who took her dog, Caper, for a walk on Boxing Day in nearby woods and her dog got caught in a baited snare trap and died.  The trap had been baited with pig’s feet and Caper’s owner was understandably horrified to find her dog killed in this way. She is now calling for signs to be posted in areas where traps are set. Continue reading

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Living in the Gap

When I watch a film on animal rights or read certain books, I sometimes get what I call a “heart hangover.”  I call it a hangover because it usually comes the following day, after my binge is over and my body is finally able to process what it has taken in. The next day I often wake up with a heaviness in my chest and I am very aware of the weight in my heart.  I move about the day slowly and maybe watch a comedy to cleanse the mental palate, gradually returning to a state of function.  At some point in the day, after the worst of the hangover has passed, the tears well up and I allow myself a few minutes to grieve for what my eyes have seen.  I take that time to quietly weep for the animals who continue to suffer as I sit on the edge of my bed, feeling the softness of the mattress underneath me, knowing that billions of them will never experience anything close to such comfort or quiet. Continue reading

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To Be Free

Further to my last post about the mink and fox fur farm in Quebec that is currently under investigation for animal cruelty, someone decided that the response by the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks wasn’t good enough. The Ministry’s decision to “leave the animals where they were” – trapped, starving, injured and stressed – did not sit well with one brave soul who snuck onto the farm, on what I gather from the articles was Tuesday night, and opened the cages of some of the animals. The number of animals freed seems to vary: one report indicates 1,000 mink and another says 3,000.   Continue reading

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Fur Farm

In the event that people are still under the impression that Canadian government bodies would not allow abused animals to continue living in squalid conditions or endure continued suffering, look no further than a fur farm in the southwest region of Montérégie, Quebec.  Five days ago, several news outlets reported that a farm in St-Hyacinthe, which has about 100 foxes and nearly 10,000 mink being bred for their fur, was under investigation by Quebec’s Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. Continue reading

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