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The Animals Get Me Through

You might as well know that I suffer from depression – not an uncommon affliction these days although still misunderstood with all kinds of stigma attached to it.  It doesn’t look the same for everyone either which makes it additionally difficult to understand and deal with. There are days when I would like nothing more than to get away from myself for a few hours and I completely understand why people take substances – illegal or prescription – to try to do that very thing.  You just want your brain to stop once and awhile.

I’ve referred to the experience of becoming vegan as transformative and although it hasn’t eased my depression any (the knowledge of animal suffering has just given me more to be depressed about), in an odd way, it has helped me to cope. Continue reading

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Licking the Frog

Back in the 1990’s Ellen DeGeneres released a comedy CD called, “Taste This.” In one bit called, Licking a Frog, she describes the bizarre human discovery that licking (certain) frogs can actually give humans a bit of a high.  In it she asks: “How desperate are we to get high that that was a fad going around, that if you licked a frog, you could get high?  And how many animals did we go through to find that out: ‘Here! Lick the anus of a mongoose, see what happens!  Yes, I was wrong about the raccoon but this…’”  Classic comedy.

There are countless human discoveries and inventions that are worthy of admiration, from the discovery of penicillin to the invention of electricity.  Just being able to sit here and type on a computer that has a better brain than me is the result of someone’s remarkable achievement.  It is a testament to both humanity’s strength and weakness that we are always looking for ways to move forward, even though advancement isn’t always the same as improvement. Continue reading

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