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The Lies We’re Sold

I’ve always been fascinated by marketing and advertising.  As a kid I can remember looking at the subway ads as I rode the train with my mom and being mesmerized by them.  I would study them intently and try to figure out what the ads were for.  My dad worked in advertising for years and I’m sure that also added to my interest.  It wasn’t until high school when I took a Marketing class one year that a great teacher by the name of Mr. Roth really opened my eyes up to how marketing worked and encouraged his students to critically think about what companies were actually selling through their jingles, logos and products. There were lessons from Mr. Roth’s class I still think of today when I see ads, studying and dismantling their message in my head.

I still find marketing interesting although 95% of it just pisses me off now, in particular the kind with laughing cartoon animals promoting their dead selves as product. But even the most obnoxious ads for a restaurant’s rib or seafood fest still do not enrage me as quickly or as ferociously as a health organization endorsing animal products to prevent disease and promote public health when that organization’s major corporate partner is the very industry that sells said product.  It bothers me is when it is also happens to be an assful of lies. Continue reading

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Being the Change We Want to See

On Monday there was a followup story on last year’s undercover investigation that Mercy for Animals conducted at Chilliwack dairy farm, one of the suppliers of cow’s milk to Saputo Inc., a major dairy company here in Canada.  The main announcement was that as a result of last’s year undercover video – footage which included a cow being strung up by a chain from her neck and left to hang by a tractor while the workers jeered at her – Saputo will no longer be accepting milk from dairy farms that abuse its animals.

Although this is good news and a step in the right direction (Saputo is “one of the three biggest milk buyers in Canada,” and certainly has influence) there’s still a long way to go.  I wrote about this last year when the story first broke: even if the over-and-above abuses stop, factory farming by its very nature is still abuse. Confinement, artificial insemination, dehorning, tail docking, mechanized milking stalls, and babies being taken away from their mothers hours after birth still remain business-as-usual practices for dairy farms.  While I’m glad the cows aren’t being beaten with sticks and kicked in the face on top of their already-miserable daily lives, they are still very much enslaved by an industry and a consumer market that sees them as nothing more than product.  As my friend often points out, any group that is oppressed and is asking for their rights never says, “Could you just oppress us a little less?”  What they ask is to be free from their oppressors altogether: absolute liberation is the goal and so it must also be with animal rights. Continue reading

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Scientific Reductionism: The Incomplete Truth

This week in the news, I read the following headline:

“Children Who Drink Non-Cow’s Milk Are Twice as Likely To Have Low Vitamin D.”

I read the article a few times and I have thoughts.  But first, allow me to clarify: I am not a scientist.  I am not a doctor.  Hell, I didn’t even go to University.  I am a layperson, a civilian, an average Joe Public. Am I biased against the meat and dairy industry and more favourable towards a vegan lifestyle? Absolutely.  But not for no reason.  I have been on both sides of that fence and I can tell you, I found there to be a lot more truth and reason on the plant-based side.  It was a no-brainer once I compared the two. Continue reading

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We’re Not Being Told the Truth About: Dairy

Dairy – and more specifically cheese – was once the reason I thought I could never be vegan.  Yet dairy (and by extension cheese) was ultimately what made me become one.  When I watched “Vegucated” and saw a newborn calf being dragged away from their mother so her milk could be used for human consumption, that was it for me. No cheese will ever be worth that sacrifice.

I became a vegan for one reason: to spare the lives of animals. And if that remained the only reason, it would still be enough.  But since last year, when I innocently started on this path in what was just supposed to be a six-week trial run, I have discovered many more reasons to remain one.  The title of a Fleetwood Mac song springs to mind in regards to that: Never Going Back Again. Continue reading

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