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Being the Change We Want to See

On Monday there was a followup story on last year’s undercover investigation that Mercy for Animals conducted at Chilliwack dairy farm, one of the suppliers of cow’s milk to Saputo Inc., a major dairy company here in Canada.  The main announcement was that as a result of last’s year undercover video – footage which included a cow being strung up by a chain from her neck and left to hang by a tractor while the workers jeered at her – Saputo will no longer be accepting milk from dairy farms that abuse its animals.

Although this is good news and a step in the right direction (Saputo is “one of the three biggest milk buyers in Canada,” and certainly has influence) there’s still a long way to go.  I wrote about this last year when the story first broke: even if the over-and-above abuses stop, factory farming by its very nature is still abuse. Confinement, artificial insemination, dehorning, tail docking, mechanized milking stalls, and babies being taken away from their mothers hours after birth still remain business-as-usual practices for dairy farms.  While I’m glad the cows aren’t being beaten with sticks and kicked in the face on top of their already-miserable daily lives, they are still very much enslaved by an industry and a consumer market that sees them as nothing more than product.  As my friend often points out, any group that is oppressed and is asking for their rights never says, “Could you just oppress us a little less?”  What they ask is to be free from their oppressors altogether: absolute liberation is the goal and so it must also be with animal rights. Continue reading

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It’s Still Abuse

Remember when I posted last week that it doesn’t take long for animal abuse to be revealed when people go undercover at slaughterhouses and dairy farms? A followup email came to my inbox today from Mercy for Animals, the organization who took the footage.  Some of you may have received it too if you signed the petition and requested a follow-up email on the story. Continue reading

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It’s Not a Long Wait

You know when you have a thought or discussion about something and then shortly after you read or hear someone expressing that very same thought?

This week as I’ve been digesting what so many of us saw on the video taken by Mercy for Animals of cows being horribly beaten and terrorized at the Chilliwack dairy farm in British Columbia, I’ve had many thoughts. Julian, my husband, and I have talked extensively about it this week as well as we once again try to unravel the mysteries of human behaviour and why the general public is outraged at a dog being beaten but a cow is somehow not the same thing and does not warrant the same concern. Continue reading

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Dairy Farms, Torture Farms

If ever there were everyday unsung heroes, it’s the people who go undercover to slaughterhouses, stockyards and dairy farms to see what really goes on.  They get jobs at these factories and subject themselves to the horrors of standard industry practices so they can bear witness to what the animals truly endure on a day-to-day basis.  If it weren’t for activists putting themselves in these traumatic situations, the public wouldn’t know half of the abuses that go on since most factory farms are never open to the public and you can be arrested just for trespassing onto the property. Continue reading

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