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Political Correctness in the Midst of Ethical Offenses

You may recall this story from back in October when a parent in Florida had the action figures from the show, Breaking Bad, pulled from Toys “R” Us shelves after starting an online petition because she felt selling figurines of a drug kingpin in a toy store, complete with a bag of methamphetamines as an accessory, was, “a deviation from their family-friendly values”.  While that last phrase made my eyes roll even harder than the first time I read it, I do see her point – to a point.  I find it somewhat hilarious that the dozens of action figures sold on those same shelves that come with gun accessories aren’t also a deviation from “family-friendly values” but oh god, a bag of drugs!!  Pull that shit immediately! Continue reading

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Be Different, Be Better

** Post Update: On June 15, after this blog was posted, I received an email from a representative at Purely Great saying they had found this post and confirmed that yes, even though they are a small company, they have a great return policy, great customer service and each store has their own return policy. They weren’t sure why my email to them had bounced back and they offered to send me a complimentary unscented deodorant.

June 15, 2014.


Last year a friend of mine introduced me to a fantastic product called (for real) Purely Great. I’d been looking for a deodorant brand for a while that didn’t test on animals and used all natural ingredients. I’d tried a few that were on the market but unfortunately, none of them lasted me the whole day and by 5:00 o’clock, I’d end up with a case of the Shay-Lean Woodley stink pits. Purely Great was the first deodorant that I didn’t have to worry about that and I’ve been using it ever since. Continue reading

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