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Veganism and Elitism

There’s an old song by Melissa Etheridge called, I Could Have Been You.  The lyrics to the chorus are this:

I could have been you
You could have been me
One small change that shapes your destiny
If you want the proof
Cut me and you’ll see
I could have been you
You could have been me

From the first time I heard this song in 1995, those lyrics have stayed with me, often coming to mind when I read or witness any form of injustice or abuse, whether inflicted upon humans or animals. Needless to say, I carry a lot of white guilt too.  And while I had no more control over the colour of my skin or the country and circumstance to which I was born into any more than anybody else did, I frequently wonder why I got to have it so good compared to so many others. Continue reading

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Separating Image from Reality

I’m reading this book right now that is rocking my world.  It’s called A Church of Her Own by Sarah Sentilles and it shares the story of multiple women who are ordained ministers and the obstacles they faced from the church when, to quote the back of the book, “the minister isn’t a man.”  I attempted to read it a few years ago but I had just left a church myself and was too raw, too close to that world to take any of it in – it just upset me too much. Now with distance and time, I am able to read it without bursting into tears or rage.  It’s still hard to read some of the experiences these women have gone through but I am in a much better place to process their stories now.

Why am I bringing this up?  Well, linked oppressions aside (women and animals have a lot in common when it comes to being exploited and then silenced), I can see similarities between the attitudes some people adapt towards faith or God as they do toward animals – and why it is so difficult to change. Continue reading


Learning to Look Without Seeing

As you can probably tell from reading this blog, I’m fascinated by the human and animal relationship. More specifically, I’m curious about how humans have come to treasure certain animals’ lives and not consider another’s. I’m sure this will be a life-long exploration for me as I come to terms with my own changes in attitude towards them.

I can only speak to my own experience but living in North America, I can also speak to some of the messages that Western culture continues to perpetuate and certainly contributed towards my former prejudice against animals.  The Bible, for one.  I was raised in a born-again Christian home and the first chapter in Genesis was one of the earliest things I learned in Sunday school. The first chapter describes the six days of Creation and if there’s a single word that has done more damage in justifying the suffering of animals, it’s the word “dominion” that appears in verse 26.  While different versions of the Bible use different words (i.e., rule, master, etc.), that D-word has stuck like the A-word has when it comes to the church discussing gay rights (the famous “abomination” word in Leviticus 18, verse 22).  Both words are still used today like a trump card some people whip out when they want to have a quick response as to why they shouldn’t pursue either cause any further. Continue reading

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Dick-fil-A Comes to Canada

Oh goody.

Just what this country needs: another fast food restaurant serving high cholesterol and saturated fat-laden foods whose menu requires the continual breeding, confinement and horrific slaughter of innocent birds. Congratulations, Canada – Calgary now has a Chick-fil-A franchise at their airport.  Dick-fil-A tried to open in Canada in the mid-90’s and failed; this is their second attempt. If it goes well, God only knows where they’ll try to open next. Continue reading

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