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The Unspoken Prejudice

I generally don’t write a lot about cruelty cases towards cats and dogs unless it’s to compare the difference in how cruelty towards them versus the animals we eat is generally viewed.  It’s not that cats and dogs don’t need the attention or are immune from suffering at the hands of their owners – far from it.  It’s just that when they are found to be abused, it’s one outcry I don’t feel I need to add my voice to. Stories of animal cruelty that make the headlines involving dogs and cats are usually met with an instant public outpouring of anger and a call to action, having been long-established that it is socially unacceptable to abuse them. What I’m more interested in is A) despite it being socially repugnant to abuse cats and dogs, why do people still do it? and B) why do we continue to view the mistreatment of “pet” animals as any different from the animals we consider to be otherwise? Continue reading

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Standing Up For Ourselves, Part Two

I have four go-to blogs that I read for celeb gossip and fashion and not just for the photos but because I also enjoy the writing (insert, “…and I read Playboy for the articles,” joke here). One particular writer named Sarah, who has her own movie review site called Cinesnark and also writes for LaineyGossip (one of the aforementioned go-to sites), is someone I’ve quickly become a fan of over the past couple of years. While I don’t always care about the topics she covers (my profile pic aside, Superhero films and comic books aren’t really my jam), I love her writing. On more than one occasion, I’ve finished reading a piece of hers and thought wistfully to myself, “How can I learn to write like that?!?”  She has the ability to explain her point of view and then summarize it perfectly in a few sentences. Entertainment writers will probably never get the same respect as “serious” journalists do but good writing is good writing and I would argue that the subject is of secondary importance if the piece is well-constructed and can launch a dialogue on a particular issue. Continue reading

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Standing Up For Ourselves, Part One

I wonder if they’ll come a day when we coin a term for people who discriminate against vegans – how about vegaphobia? No? What about herbivoreism? Maybe hippie hate crimes will become a thing one day. There’s already a term for the attitude people have against seeing non-human animals as equally living beings – Speciesism – but I’m curious if the day will come when we as a society will have to address the public shaming and punch lines that are extended to vegans with the same ignorance and carelessness that sexism, homophobia and racism are. Continue reading

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Advertising Animals

Among the many hundreds of things that piss me off on a daily basis, food advertising is high on my list, particularly when animals are assigned personalities to sell the very product that required their confinement, exploitation and early death to produce in the first place.  When I recently saw the one-minute ad for The Laughing Cow cheese brand, I wanted to find the nearest light socket and stick my tongue in it. Continue reading

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Bird brain.

Stupid Cow.

Filthy Pig.

Silly Goat.

Ugly Dog.

What a Turkey.

You’re just Chicken.

Don’t be a Pussy. Continue reading