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Punk frontman and activist Henry Rollins once said that apathy is death.  I don’t know if he said it originally but I first read that saying from him in the liner notes of benefit album for The West Memphis Three.  He’s right of course, and those three simple words have stayed with me from the day I first read them.

Apathy.  Complacency.  Being afraid of change. These are hands-down the things I fear and despise the most, especially when I see them in myself.  The truth is, I’m almost always battling them in some form or another and I hate it when I allow myself to give into them. Continue reading

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Answers Hidden in Plain Sight

Happy New Year, everyone!  It’s been a grey, snow-less Christmas here in Toronto but a good one nevertheless.  I’ve had over a week off from work, enjoyed some great company and good food and surprised my crusty-old self by having a really nice holiday.  What can I tell you? It’s a Christmas miracle.

Over the holidays, a friend sent me an awesome video clip from a debate that took place on March 20, 2012 in Melbourne, Australia and although I haven’t watched the entire debate yet, this particular clip featured activist and philanthropist, Philip Wollen.  I’d never heard of him before but I’m glad I have now.  The debate was entitled, “Animals Should Be Off the Menu,” and featured several prominent people on both sides of the debate.  You can read the full transcript here if you prefer but the speech really is something to hear. Continue reading

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Crime of the Century

A friend of mine said to me recently that she believes animal rights are the fight of the 21st century; that fighting for the liberation of animals is the social justice movement taking shape in our time.  If she’s right – and I believe she is – then we have only just begun.

If you look back at any cultural shift in terms of equality, be it civil rights, women’s liberation, gay and lesbian rights – movements that are by no means over and whose struggle continues in various forms across the globe – there was one thing they all had in common, especially in the beginning: they were collectively laughed at. It was a joke to think that black people, homosexuals, women or any previously considered “less than” group of individuals could possibly warrant the same rights and privileges as their white, male, heterosexual counterparts. They weren’t seen as living beings with the same desire to live a life free from suffering, ownership or governing interference of their most basic rights. If occasionally they were seen as equals, it was only on a selective basis, when they were found to be “useful” in some way that further served the already-existing patriarchal establishment. We still do it today: women are given all the room and opportunity to voice their opinions so long as the topics are getting married, raising children, going shopping and staying thin. Continue reading

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The But-What-Abouts

Before I was a vegan, I used to believe the stereotype about vegans – that they were tree-hugging hippies who just loved animals and not much else beyond trees and bunnies.  I thought that they were deluded flakes who had their priorities mixed up, putting animals before and above humans.

Now that I am a vegan myself, I see how wrong I was in my assessment of them. I now understand how it appears we care more about animals than humans when nothing could be further from the reality. Continue reading

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