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Our Contrary Relationship with Animals Continues

One inescapable reality of being vegan are the constant examples and reminders of how some animals matter in our world, and others don’t. From sitting at a table with meat-eaters who speak of love for their pets while they chew on the flesh of a cow, to people walking their dogs while wearing a coat with fur trim from a coyote, to coworkers with calendars of cute animals hanging at their cubicle as they tell me about the barbecued pig ribs they ate over the weekend, this contradiction is not something most people even realize is happening but it happens ALL of the time.

As children, some of the first words, sounds, and pictures we learn to identify are farm animals: cow, pig, chicken, turkey, sheep. Yet those same animals are some of the first we’re given to eat, normalized by such phrasings as, “It’s good for you”, “It’s tradition”, or, if you were raised in a born-again Christian home as I was, “God gave us dominion over the animals”, as if being granted authority means never questioning how we’re actually using it. By the time we reach adulthood, farm animals have long since ceased to even be animals; they are simply thought of as food. Continue reading

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Stop Pinning Your Animal-Eating Guilt On Vegans

Or in the words of Madonna:

“I’m not your bitch
don’t hang your shit on me.”

Today I read – to use a term Animal Rights lawyer Camille Labchuk used for it – an utterly perverse story about firefighters in England who rescued 18 baby piglets (and 2 mother sows) from a barn fire in February and on Monday the farm’s manager served those same piglets – in the form of sausages – to the firefighters as a thank you.  Both the farm and the fire service station posted their “gift” to social media although the Fire Station has since removed their post and apologized when PETA, vegans, and activists pushed back. Continue reading

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Our Contrary Relationship with Animals

A recent story came out of Florida where, on May 3 of this year, a landscaper who was mowing lawns on behalf of a company came across a mother duck and her 11 ducklings and deliberately ran over nine of her babies with the lawnmower leaving their body parts, “scattered all over the lawn.”  He was charged with nine counts of animal cruelty and is currently in jail on $27,000 bail.

At least two residents ran out to stop him and naturally they were shaken by what they had seen.  One resident was interviewed in what looked like her backyard, visibly upset by what she had witnessed.   As she sat in a chair recounting to the reporter what had happened, I couldn’t help but notice the stainless steel barbeque prominently displayed in the background.  Here was a woman who actively tried to prevent cruelty and bloodshed and was horrified by the landscaper’s senseless actions.  Yet I wondered: if she found out that millions of baby male chicks are killed in a similar way every year by a large grinding blade in a high-pressured macerator all because they are male and lack the capacity to breed, would she react the same way?  More to the point, would she actively do something to prevent it by refusing to eat chicken? Continue reading

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