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Women and Animals

There’s a link between veganism and feminism.  I didn’t make this connection until a vegan friend casually said to me one day, “I think animal rights is a feminist issue too,” and my brain did a one-eighty.  Wait, what? How? “Well,” she said, “Take dairy cows. They’re all female, used strictly for their capacity to breed and produce milk, and then slaughtered when they can no longer do either.” Suddenly the connection seemed so obvious.

Women, like animals, are constantly objectified in our world, and often at the same time (ever see an attractive woman in the same ad for wings or burgers? In these cases, both become a form of meat to be consumed – the woman with our eyes, the animal with our mouths).  Carol J. Adams wrote an entire book linking these two oppressions – The Sexual Politics of Meat – and made famous the term for it: the absent referent. Continue reading

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Animal Rights Chose Me

Perhaps you’ve heard this joke before:

“How do you know someone’s a vegan?  Don’t worry – they’ll tell you.”

It’s not a badly constructed joke, although one could easily replace “vegan” with “hunter”, “bacon-lover” or “meat eater”. Obviously the joke wouldn’t land in the same way because the punchline of the original joke is based on the stereotype that vegans are militant fanatics who are constantly in-your-face. Whereas hunters, bacon-lovers, and meat eaters are the accepted norm despite the fact that some of them have no qualms about being just as in-your-face about their beliefs when it comes to animals and food.

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A Brief Update

And now a word from everyone’s faaaa-vourite asshole!  

Apropos of nothing, if I had my own late night talk show, that’s how I would insist on being introduced every night.

Anyway, I apologize for being incommunicado these past two weeks.  I know, I know, you’ve lost sleep over it, right?  No?  Well, alright then.  That’s probably as it should be since if your day was dependant on my blog posts then I would insist that you get out more. Continue reading

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It’s Not Just a Personal Choice

Since becoming vegan, and as any other vegan can attest to, this is a common response I get when I tell people I don’t eat animals or their by-products:

“Well, it’s a personal choice.”

Not, “Why are you a vegan?” or “How long have you been a vegan?” or “Tell me about being vegan” (God, I would fall off my chair if anyone ever asked me that last one). Nope. Instead it’s the old “personal choice” standby, a statement that not only declares my (presumed) position on the matter but theirs as well, conveniently leaving very little room for any further discussion and effectively shutting the conversation down.

So, I’d like to clarify a few things. Continue reading

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