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We Can’t Have It Both Ways

I’ve mentioned before that I battle depression from time to time and that’s where I’ve been for the past three weeks, with my head stuck in some dark clouds. Thankfully, the clouds always/eventually clear and I’m starting to turn the corner once more. Thanks for your patience and for still checking in to this blog while I was missing in action.  Let’s get to the animals, shall we?

Late last month, I read an article with the following headline:

“Pigs Help Shed Light On How Humans Decompose Deep Under the Pacific Ocean.”

Obviously this was an article on animals used in research, the practice of which is rarely questioned so long as it’s deemed to benefit humans in some way.  The story was also predictable in another form: rationalizing the use of animals by adopting the they’re-just-like-us! attitude, a convenient admission that is normally scoffed at when activists or vegans dare to voice that same possibility. Continue reading

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