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We’re Not Being Told the Truth About: Dairy

Dairy – and more specifically cheese – was once the reason I thought I could never be vegan.  Yet dairy (and by extension cheese) was ultimately what made me become one.  When I watched “Vegucated” and saw a newborn calf being dragged away from their mother so her milk could be used for human consumption, that was it for me. No cheese will ever be worth that sacrifice.

I became a vegan for one reason: to spare the lives of animals. And if that remained the only reason, it would still be enough.  But since last year, when I innocently started on this path in what was just supposed to be a six-week trial run, I have discovered many more reasons to remain one.  The title of a Fleetwood Mac song springs to mind in regards to that: Never Going Back Again. Continue reading

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Advertising Animals

Among the many hundreds of things that piss me off on a daily basis, food advertising is high on my list, particularly when animals are assigned personalities to sell the very product that required their confinement, exploitation and early death to produce in the first place.  When I recently saw the one-minute ad for The Laughing Cow cheese brand, I wanted to find the nearest light socket and stick my tongue in it. Continue reading

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The But-What-Abouts

Before I was a vegan, I used to believe the stereotype about vegans – that they were tree-hugging hippies who just loved animals and not much else beyond trees and bunnies.  I thought that they were deluded flakes who had their priorities mixed up, putting animals before and above humans.

Now that I am a vegan myself, I see how wrong I was in my assessment of them. I now understand how it appears we care more about animals than humans when nothing could be further from the reality. Continue reading

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I Don’t Feel Deprived

A couple of weeks ago I went for lunch with my boss and a co-worker. As we were looking over the menus, my boss, whom I greatly admire and respect, asked me what I was going to have.  I told her that I would have the veggie burger with fries. Both women at the table knew I was vegan and even though I still sense some discomfort from them about “the whole vegan thing” they are both very supportive of me and even ask a few questions from time to time. I know that in an effort to ease the tension, people will sometimes make comments in that half-jokingly, half-serious way like, “But you still eat bacon, right? Hahahaha.” Continue reading

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Bird brain.

Stupid Cow.

Filthy Pig.

Silly Goat.

Ugly Dog.

What a Turkey.

You’re just Chicken.

Don’t be a Pussy. Continue reading


Standing in Wonder

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada so Julian and I went for a bike ride on Monday afternoon.  We rode along the Don Valley trail which was a good thing for me since it meant very few hills.  Because it was a beautiful day and a holiday for many, the path was busy with walkers, cyclists and runners. Continue reading

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