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Let’s Play Taunt the Vegan!

I eat my lunch early everyday at 11:30. The staff lunchroom, or any meal table with non-vegans, can be one of the least enjoyable places to be. Even before I was vegan, I was never a fan of the staff lunchroom nor have I ever understood the obsession people seem to have with what they and others are eating. Although it pains me to say this about my own gender, women can be the worst for this:

“Oooh, what do you have there? That looks healthy,” as if I need their approval before I can begin eating.

“Oooh, fries – are you treating yourself today?”  Oh my god, fuck off.

As a vegan, it only gets worse:

“Is that tofu? It looks like chicken.” Yes. Yes, it does. But it’s not and that’s the point.

“So you don’t eat animals. But you eat fish, right?” Um…. Continue reading

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Standing Up For Ourselves, Part One

I wonder if they’ll come a day when we coin a term for people who discriminate against vegans – how about vegaphobia? No? What about herbivoreism? Maybe hippie hate crimes will become a thing one day. There’s already a term for the attitude people have against seeing non-human animals as equally living beings – Speciesism – but I’m curious if the day will come when we as a society will have to address the public shaming and punch lines that are extended to vegans with the same ignorance and carelessness that sexism, homophobia and racism are. Continue reading

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