For Freedom, For Them All, Part II

I wrote a poem/spoken word thing last Friday on my way into work. Apparently my brain wasn’t done. Here is Part II:

Trapped in stalls, pens, and cages
My mind is fury
My fist engages

Why did no one tell me before?
So they could sell products
To make me buy more

Consume, economy
All structures made up
The cries of suffering animals
Is what filled my cup

Put upon

Fur ripped off
Entrails spilled out
Throats slit
Stomachs sliced
Discarded hooves and snout

How long will you let your compassion lay dormant?
Look what we do to them!
Our actions – abhorrent

Scalding tanks
Nursing guards
Selling yards

Muzzles and
Feeding lots

Trawler nets
Hakapiks and
Hormone shots

This horror is with us
When is it enough?
Stop eating animals
Stop hunting them
Harming them
Using them
Farming them

We hold the key
To their freedom and ours
Stop eating animals
Start seeing their scars

Open your eyes
to who lies on your plate
The harm that’s been done
Their birth, life, and fate

Stop eating animals
Stop eating their pain
You’ve had a choice
Again and again

They only got one
And we took it from them
We erased their life
For our selfish gain

Stop preaching peace
Eat it instead
For the animals we’ve slaughtered
For their blood we still shed

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