For Freedom, For Them All

I wrote this on the train into work this morning, for the animals, and for my friends on the left.

Call yourself a feminist
Yet you are compassionless
For the animals on your plate

Believe the ads
And you will never see
The horror behind
the meat, egg, and dairy machine

Animals confined
Left to die
We turn a blind eye
So we don’t have to try
To live without a product

The violence and misery
Bloodshed and depravity
You give consent to
When you hand over your money

Systematic Oppression
is not defined by its victims but behaviour
And we are all oppressors of animals
When we should be their saviour

We breed them
Experiment on them
Modify their DNA
Forcibly impregnate
Blind them
Don’t mind them
Until they serve a purpose
Only we get to define

We club them
Skin them
Punish them
Finish them

Transported for miles
With no consideration

Rape racks
Electric prods
Branding irons
Crates, pens, stalls
Chained by the neck or nose
No room to move at all

No protections


Think you’re a good person?
Think you really care?
Search factory farming
And your truth will lay bare

Choosing not to see
Who you eat, watch, and wear
While preaching love, peace
and tolerance
That message doesn’t fare
And your ethics won’t stand
Under its glare

So rise up against
The cruelty today
Stop eating animals
Eat what you say

Liberate the animals
Once and for all
Stop paying for death
For freedom, for them all

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